Reducing Air Conditioning Repair with an HVAC Service Plan

Expensive air conditioning repair can be avoid by simply adding an HVAC service plan for your new air conditioning system or furnace at the time of their purchase. The HVAC service plan allows you to keep you air conditioning system running, and running well without big out of pocket expense should a problem arises. A reputable, licensed contractor should be able to offer precision tune ups on cooling and heating systems. A good HVAC annual service plan should offer two quality precision tune ups to start each season of the year (spring and fall) along with security that the systems will operate the way they were designed. For starters, routine maintenance is the best way to ensure the cooling and heating appliances are operating properly. Trained professionals can inspect both to ensure they are running well as well as do routine maintenance such as tune-ups. This in turn can help homes stay cool during the long hot summers.

During visits, technicians can run diagnostics on both the heating and cooling systems. This is a great way for them to find any problems as well as find ways to make the equipment operate more efficiently. With summer coming up, this is an ideal service, as the more efficient an air conditioner is, the more money you can save in energy costs. It also gives the technician a chance to find any problems and to perform the necessary air conditioning repair, before the damage becomes too extensive.

Another important aspect of an HVAC service plan is that the contractor stands behind their products and work. A good HVAC service or air conditioning repair should offer at least a one year guarantee for all parts and labor. This means that any air conditioning repair that is done to fix previous work gone badly is covered under the contractor’s warranty. They should also make information on all air conditioning repair and service quotes up front, rather than surprise the home owner with hidden charges.